Things That Happen When You Are In Window Tinting Los Angeles

He’s been doing it for window tinting los Angeles years.And I consider him one of the best in the business.Today, we’ll go over the assessment, the preparation for the installation, and the installation itself.But before we go over the install, Rob, give me a quick history of window tint ROB Well, window tint started in the ‘s.It used to be a sprayed film.It wasn’t the best. Visibility wasn’t really that great through the window.LARRY I can imagine.ROB Then the ‘s came, and they came out with a film.

It was a two-ply part.It was a dyed film, and then an adhesive side.Then after that, they came out with a three-ply part, which was a scratch resistant, a dyed, and then the adhesive. LARRY And that’s what we’re using today ROB And that’s what we use today.LARRY Because I found this rolling around your shop here.Now explain, what are the percentages?And what do they mean when getting a tint?

ROB All right, well, different states have different laws.The legal limit in New York State is of light–LARRY So over here, like really, really light.ROB Yeah.Very light.% of light has to be going through the window.Here is a That means of light is going through the window.That’s what they call limo tint.LARRY Now how do you know what’s legal in your state? So in New York, apparently.

it’s And Connecticut, or Nebraska, how do I know what my state has?ROB Well, you can go to FWIW, the International Window Film Association, and you can look up the law chart, and you find out what is your–LARRY Your state regulation.ROB Different states, you know, Connecticut is a You could do of light going through the window.So.LARRY What’s the first thing you do when customer walks in?ROB Well, the first.

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