Ten Window Tinting Service That Had Gone Way Too Far

Make sure the windows been rolled up we’re going to wet the glass thoroughly now what we’re going to do is place our pattern back on here so that we can begin to shrink it so we want to do that before we install it so we prevent any fingers that may or may not occur okay now I want to position the pattern on the glass what I want Car window tinting to do is I want to probably make sure that my bottom edge here.

Is about you know about an inch half an inch above the seal I don’t have to put it right down there on the sill for a reason because I don’t want to create a problem when I’m trying to shrink this film I’m going to get all the water out of it real careful okay now back in the day I would have not really given this any thought or concern because it looks relatively flat like it doesn’t need any shrinking.

Now that I know about the double stop snap and now that I’m doing a Tuesday’s installation what I’m about to do next is absolutely critical and installing the film by leaving the door panel on to prevent fingers you don’t want to deal with fingers you want to stop them so what we’re going to do to prevent that is we’re going to over shrink this window and right now there’s not much.

To shrink but I’m going to make something to shrink watch this I love my my well-built heat gun but I dropped it yesterday and is taking a funny sound that I think will be all right what I’m going to do and again there are several different ways to do this I simply like to pick it up about six inches and drop it and just begin shrinking.

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